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Simple Cups

Perfect solution for time-strapped coffee lovers.

Simple Cups – Lids, Filters with Easy Close Stand – Use Your Own Coffee in K-cups: Stop spending tons of money on pre-made K-cups! Don’t settle for pre-determined flavors. Make your life simpler with Simple Cups. At a fraction of what a K-Cup would cost, you can use YOUR own favorite coffee in your Keurig machine – and can do so cost effectively and easily. Your coffee experience just got that much better.

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Simple Cups Disposable K-Cup Filters

Save money and use your own coffee with reusable K-Cups in packs of 50, 100, or 300


Simple Cups Disposable Cups, Filters and Lids 50 pack

Simple Cups Disposable K-Cups, Filter, and Lids

25 or 50-count sets of cups, filter, and lids with easy close stand


CUP-K2R Simple Cups Reusable K Cups with Filters

Simple Cups Reusable K-Cups with filters (Set of 2)

Easy to use and easy to clean, enjoy your coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed


Simple Cups Coffee Pod Replacement Filters

200-pack of disposable filters to make your own K-cup pods