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Save time and money- no more trips to the salon!

Spending a lot of time and money making weekly trips to the salon? With Salon Designs, the salon can be located right at home! Beauty necessities for skin, face, nails, and body are available to have you looking your best before walking out the door. From make up brushes and sponges, nail art, and temporary tattoos, feeling beautiful does not have to come at the expense of your wallet.

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Salon Designs 24 Brush Set

Salon Designs Makeup Brush Sets

Easy-to-clean 12 and 24-brush sets in assorted sizes and shapes with carrying bag


Salon Designs Metallic Temporary Tattoos Series 4

Salon Designs Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Five series of fashionable, long-lasting, and water-resistant temporary tattoos in gold, silver, aqua, and jade


Salon Designs Nail Art Stamping Kit 10 pack

Salon Designs Nail Art Stamping Kit

Includes 10, 30 or 100 unique plates each with 6 to 10 designs


Salon Designs Puff Sponges

Salon Designs Makeup Blender Sponges

3 latex-free makeup sponges with an ideal shape for all types of makeup application