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Beautiful Weed-Free Yard and Garden

Lawn Jaws weed pullers keeps your lawn and garden beautiful and weed-free. Carefully designed to pull the entire weed, roots and all, Lawn Jaws is an awesome lawn tool that can eliminate the back-breaking task of pulling weeds by hand - and, more importantly, grab weeds by their roots. With Lawn Jaws, you can terminate re-growth and rid yourself of a weekly annoyance.

A ruthless hand tool with its shark-like jaws, Lawn Jaws pulls weeds better than any tool available at your local garden center, or mass-market home and garden stores. Laws Jaws are an ergonomic and adaptive yard tool; an ideal garden tool for seniors and those with disabilities. Lawn Jaws have quickly become one of the most popular gardening tools for women, and have proven to be the best weed pulling tool for home landscape maintenance use.

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Lawn Jaws Gardening Tool

Get to the root of the problem with 52 large teeth that pull weeds and prevents slippage