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Humanity Hates

Making American Party Games Great Again!

We have built something huge. REAL HUGE.

No, really. A lot of people come up to me and say, How Huge? And I tell them. I just say huge. And then double that. What we’ve built is going to trump everything and make American party games great again.

Add some comic relief to the 2016 presidential election with Humanity Hates Trump, Humanity Hates Hillary Too, and Humanity Hates the Holidays. These hilarious games put a satirical spin on politics and family holidays, adding humor to card games. Perfect for parties, events, drinking games, and all-around fun!

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Humanity Hates Trump Beer Stein

The Donald Trump Inspired Collector Stein

Make Beer Great Again!

$39.95 $24.95

Humanity Hates Trump Mug

Donald Trump Presidential Collector Mug

Make Coffee Great Again!

$19.95 $14.95

Humanity Hates the Holidays from SCS Direct Inc.

Humanity Hates the Holidays

Turn “crappy” holidays into “happy” holidays with the adult party game Santa won't bring you…


Humanity Hates Trump Base Set

250 cards (200 White Cards, 50 Black Cards), including 2 Ultimate Trump Cards to trump opponents


Humanity Hates Trump Expansion Pack

Humanity Hates Trump Expansion One

Compatible with Humanity Hates Trump Base Set, Cards Against Humanity™ and other similar party games


Humanity Hillary Too

Humanity Hates Hillary, Too – Expansion Two

Compatible with Humanity Hates TrumpBase Set, Cards Against Humanity™ and other similar party games