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CucinaPro Sliding Spaetzel Maker

Quickly cuts spaetzle batter into small dumplings

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It's easy to make delicate German egg dumplings with this spaetzle maker. Swabian style CucinaPro Slicing Spaetzel Maker with full, open holes is made of nickel -plated iron for strength with a sturdy wooden handle for easy grip. Easy to use and easy to clean, this device quickly cuts spaetzle batter into little dumplings. The hopper slides along cutting the surface and with each pass of the hopper, the perforated devise drops dozens of perfectly formed dumplings right into your pot of simmering water.

Spaetzel dough typically consists of few ingredients, principally eggs, flour, and salt. The Swabian rule-of-thumb is to use one more egg than the number of persons who'll eat the Sspaetzel. Often, water is added to produce a thinner dough but care needs to be taken. The flour traditionally used for spaetzel is a coarse type known as Dunstmehl, similar to US "first clear", which gives a chewier texture but can produce a dough too crumbly for scraping if no water is added, particularly when cutting short on eggs for health reasons. If fine ("all-purpose") flour and the full complement of eggs are used, all fat and moisture in the dough is derived from these, and water is rarely necessary.

Traditionally, spaetzel are made by scraping long, thin strips of dough off a wooden (sometimes wet) chopping board into boiling salted water where they cook until they rise to the surface. Altogether, the dough should thus be as viscous as to slowly flow apart if cut into strips with a knife, yet hold the initial shape for some seconds. If dropped into boiling water, the albumen will congeal quickly in the boiling water, while the yolk will keep the dough succulent. After the noodles have become firm, they are skimmed and put aside.

  • Nickel-plated iron for strength
  • Wooden handle for easy grip
  • Quickly cuts spaetzle batter into little dumplings
  • Hopper slides along cutting the surface and with each pass the perforated devise̴Ì_drops dozens of perfectly formed dumplings right into your pot
  • Hand wash recommended


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