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Little Sprout Microwavable Sterilizer Bags

Set of 6 or 12 reusable sanitizer bags for bottles, pacifiers and pump parts





Easy to use for daily use to quickly dDisinfect your small baby items like bottles, pump parts, pacifiers and accessories. Just add water and microwave. Helps eliminate harmful bacteria or germs such as salmonella, pneumonia, staph, e-coli, and yeast. Microwavable Sterilizer Bags are more effective than the dishwasher and saves you time from boiling.

  • Clean and sanitize your pacifiers, bottles and pump parts quickly and easily in the microwave
  • Comes with printed steaming time suggestions and instructions
  • Printed check boxes help keep track of uses
  • Reusable up to 20 times
  • "Hold Here" Cool grip areas prevent burns

Quickly Sterilize All your Baby Products

Microwavable Sterilizer Bags by Sprout Cups are a perfect solution for disinfecting small objects. Comes with printed steaming time suggestions and instructions.

  • Bottles
  • Pump Parts
  • Pacifiers
  • Nipples

Set of (6) or (12) Reusable Bags

Save the Bag! Each Bag can be reused up to 20 times! A handy check box section helps keep track of how many times you've used the bag.

Little Sprout Microwavable Sterilizer Bag Directions

  1. Insert the items you wish to sterilize into a microwavable sterilizer bag
  2. Fill with the bag with water
  3. Close the bag and microwave for the suggested time
  4. ITEM IS HOT! Use the "Hold Here" cool grip to prevent burns
  5. Pour the water out of the spout.

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6-set, 12-set


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