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Itzbeen Pocket Doctor Medication Reminder Device

Keeps track of multiple medication schedules with individual alarm notifications




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Place one of four color and number coded bands around your medication bottle(s). Set the count-up corresponding colored timer to how many hours you want to be reminded to take each medication. The timers are not set for a time of day. This is done intentionally. The device will continue to count up until the medication is taken and the alarm is turned off. If you miss a dose, the timer will continue to count up, telling you how long it’s been since you should have taken the dose. You may need to call a doctor to modify your medication schedule if a scheduled dose is too long past the time it should have been taken. The Pocket Doctor’s loud beeping alarm (80 dBA) lets you know it’s time to take your medicine.
  • Pocket Doctor™ keeps track of multiple medication schedules with individual alarm notifications.
  • The Pocket Doctor™ is a great reminder tool for those with multiple caregivers, multitasking moms, and newly independent college kids.
  • The Pocket Doctor™’s patented count-up feature tells you how long it’s been, since you took your last dose of medication.
  • The Pocket Doctor™ is designed for portable and stationary use with its handheld, lightweight design and built-in stand.
  • The button lock switch prevents accidental timer resets.
  • The bands can be placed around prescription bottles, up to 2 inches in diameter or around two bottles at once if two medications need to be taken at the same time.
  • Over-sized buttons provide easy use for elderly consumers with arthritis or with less than perfect eyesight.
  • The built-in backlight feature makes for easy reading in the dark.
  • The Pocket Doctor™ consists of four distinct, unique colors, easy to decipher even for color-blind consumers.
  • The alarm is at decibel level of 80 dBA so that even the hard of hearing will be alerted.
  • Uses 3 AAA Batteries


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